bg for a short film

tiny weird preteen val swerving neatly out of what could have been a years-long pop-punk phase in book one is what i live for

derek landy was a cool dude today but he ALSO was a cheerful lil shit about things that are undignified to speak about on blogs such as these and if i couldn’t physically react to it in class i had to get it out of my system in a more artistic, less alarming-to-my-friends-and-peers way

from the makers of That Space Jam Powerpoint That We Didn’t Know The Fourth-Year Mentors Would See comes an actual, entirely legitimate screening of the 1996 hit film SPACE JAM, starring michael jordan and bugs bunny. is there any better way to spend 100 minutes after you stumble through your animation history final? no. no, there is not. i asked that question because i knew you couldn’t come up with something. that’s what we in the business call negotiation.

admission is free, and student council will be selling popcorn for a low, yet reasonable price. students from any year and any program will be welcomed with open arms. sheridan, let’s make the end of this year….a JAM.

power couple

doodled some drunk friends a while ago

coolly shrieking “MY DAUGHTER, ROSE LALONDE” into the calm night

secret: i still draw these losers a lot

it’s been a while